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barium sulfate

December 9, 2016

Organic Wealth (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Barium sulfate (BaSO4) Barium sulfate (or sulphate)  is an inorganic compound It is an opaque white crystal, insoluble and has a density greater than 4 times that of water. Barium sulfate is soluble in strong acids such as sulfuric acid (Conc S2SO4).





The benefits of barium sulfate can be applied to many industries as follows:


Paint and Coating Industry

barium sulfate It is used as an ingredient in the paint and coating process. It has the ability to add white. increase density and weight  

Plastic Polymer and Compound Manufacturing Industry

barium sulfate It is commonly used as a filler in the plastic resin and compound manufacturing industry. The barium sulfate provides the property to increase the strength. increase density, increase weight, and other features


Oil well industry

barium sulfate It can be used as an admixture to increase the density of oilfield drilling fluids. The weight of barium sulfate reduces oil and gas pressure.

Fireworks and Fireworks Industry

barium sulfate It is used as an oxidizer for pyrotechnic recipes. The barium sulfate is a green light.


barium sulfate Has the ability to absorb X-rays (X-ray), so it is remembered for use in drug combinations for patients to take before X-rays. especially the examination of abnormalities in the gastrointestinal tract

Barium sulfate is also used in other industries such as rubber industry paper industry Textile industry and battery industry as well.


Organic Wealth (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Distributor Barium Sulphate (BaSO4)  finely ground powder  and special grade emulsion

Barium Sulphate RS5

Barium sulfate, 50 micron fine powder, special white grade for use as a weighting and whitening agent in the paint and coating industry. as well as being used as an additive to enhance various properties in the plastics and rubber industries It can also be used in many other industries such as Specialty paper industry medical materials industry  etc.

Barium Sulphate DF5B

Barium sulfate, fine powder, 50 microns  For use as a weight gainer and a variety of scrap properties for the plastics and rubber industries.  

Barium Sulphate RTB419

Barium sulfate emulsion type It looks like a white liquid. It is used for electronic industry such as lamp opacity test. Coating to prevent corrosion, etc.

OWT Barium Sulphate RS5_edited.jpg
OWT Barium Sulphate RS5 3_edited.jpg
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